How to Prepare and What to Expect


Where will the session be performed?

Canine physiotherapy sessions are normally performed in the comfort of the clients home, however due to the current COVID stituation goverment guidance states sessions should where possible occur outside.


How should you prepare for the session?

  • It is asked that owners clear a quiet space on the floor away from other dogs and distractions where possible to allow space for treatment to occur.

  • Dogs should be clean and dry prior to the session.

  • A lead will be required.


What will the session include?

  • Prior to the session information will be obtained on the dogs past history including injuries and behaviour. 

  • At the start of any session time will be taken to ensure the dog is calm and accepting the situation before progressing into treatment. ​

  • If safe to do so the dog will undergo a static and dynamic assessment looking at their movement and general conformation.

  • A complete soft tissue and joint range of motion assessment will then be completed. 

  • Following assessment to identify problem areas appropriate treatment techniques including manual therapies and electrotherapies will be applied. 

  • Effective rehabilitative exercises and a full tailored rehabilitative plan will be demonstrated and given to the owner in an easy to follow plan.