How to Prepare and What to Expect


How to prepare for a session

  • Before treatment the horse should be clean and dry. 

  • An area where the horse can be safely be accessed and treated such as a stable or quiet area of the yard  should be available. 

  • If horses are turned out they should be brought in prior to the session. 

  • Horses should not be ridden immediately before a physiotherapy session. 

  • Depending on the individual a few days off may be required following treatment. Initial sessions should therefore not be booked before shows or lessons. 

  • For horses with prexisting conditions or those not undergoing routine treatments veterinary consent must be obtained BEFORE treatment.


What will the session include

  • When booking your first physiotherapy session a questionaire asking about your horses general history including any previous injuries will be sent to you. It is asked that this is returned prior to the session. 

  • Your horse will be accessed both statically and dynamically looking at both overall conformation and movement. This may include trotting the horse up and lunging if there is an appropriate area and it is safe to do so. 

  • Your horse will undergo a full soft tissue, joint range of motion, neurological and spinal assessment. 

  • Appropriate manual and electrotherapies will be selected and utilised to treat any issues identified. 

  • Effective rehabilitative exercises tailored to that specific horse will be demonstrated for the owner to perform..

  • The owner will receive a full report of the session including a specifically tailored easy to follow rehab plan within 48 hours of the session.